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BI-HMC Testing and Holiday Schedule

Testing Fees

Assay Specimen Type Fee per Test
PRRS PCR Next-day Serum $27.50
5-day $25.00
Oral fluid PRRS PCR Oral fluid $25.00
PRRS ELISA Same-day Serum $5.00
5-day $4.50
Oral fluid PRRS ELISA Oral fluid $7.50
Influenza A (IAV) Screen PCR Next-day Nasal swabs, Oral fluid $20.00
Influenza A (IAV) Subtyping PCR within 2 days
of IAV PCR result
PCV2 PCR Serum $25.00
Quantitative PCV2 PCR Placental Umbilical Cord Blood (PUC), Serum $35.00
IDEXX M hyo ELISA Serum $4.50
M hyo PCR Nasal swabs, Oral fluid $27.00
Lawsonia ELISA Serum $8.00
Lawsonia PCR Feces, Oral fluid $30.00
Salmonella ELISA Serum $5.00
Swine Coronavirus PCR (PED/SDCoV/TGE) Oral fluids, Feces, and Environmental Swabs $30.00

Testing Schedule

NOTE: This is the testing schedule for tests run within the Health Management Center, and does not include the schedule for other testing forwarded to other outside laboratories.

    Oral Fluid PRRS ELISA
Influenza A (IAV) Screen PCRInfluenza A (IAV) Screen PCRInfluenza A (IAV) Screen PCRInfluenza A (IAV) Screen PCRInfluenza A (IAV) Screen PCR
  Influenza A (IAV)
Subtyping PCR1
 Mhyo PCR   
Lawsonia ELISA    
Salmonella ELISA    
Lawsonia PCR    
 Swine Coronavirus PCR Swine Coronavirus PCRSwine Coronavirus PCR
PCV2 (Circovirus) PCR PCV2 (Circovirus) PCR  
Quantitative PCV2
(Circovirus) PCR
 Quantitative PCV2
(Circovirus) PCR

1Influenza subtyping PCR performed daily on Influenza A Screen PCR positive samples, reported within two working days of screening result.

Holiday Schedule 2014

The HMC will be closed on the following dates in 2014:

HolidayDate BIVI will observe
New Year's DayWednesday, January 1
Martin Luther King DayMonday, January 20
President’s DayMonday, February 17
Memorial DayMonday, May 26
Special HMC HolidayMonday, June 30
Independence DayFriday, July 4
Labor DayMonday, September 1
Thanksgiving DayThursday, November 27
Special Company HolidayFriday, November 28
ChristmasThursday, December 25
Special Company HolidayFriday, December 26

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